What Is COSEE?

The Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (COSEE) are a consortium of ocean science research institutions, informal science education organizations, and formal education entities. The COSEE program is funded primarily by the National Science Foundation with support from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Each COSEE Center is a partnership that develops strong interactions between ocean research institutions, formal education organizations, and informal education providers. Centers may have a regional focus or a national thematic mission, but all engage in catalytic activities. Each Center develops programs and educational materials that actively engage students and the public in the excitement of science.

Participation in and contributions to the national COSEE Network activities are a major part of each Center’s charge. For more information about the Centers in the COSEE Network, visit http://www.cosee.net/.

About COSEE Florida

COSEE Florida was launched in October 2010 as one of 15 Centers in the National COSEE Network. COSEE Florida is a collaboration among four core partners:

  • Indian River State College (IRSC)
  • The Smithsonian Marine Station (SMS)
  • The Ocean Research & Conservation Association (ORCA)
  • Florida Institute of Technology (FIT)