These short education modules with video presentations feature Florida ocean scientists and their research programs that are designed to serve as additional resources for your classroom instruction.

Ocean Scientists Research

Scientists from our COSEE Florida Partnerships join together to create videos, share research experiences, and information about our environment.

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Ocean 180 Video Challenge

COSEE Florida’s first OSCR on tides explains a difficult concept – one that many college students misunderstand – at a level that middle school students can comprehend. As a first step toward giving students experience in visualizing and interrogating data, a teaching module is being built around this infographic with links to real-time tide data and inquiry based activities.

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Water as Habitat

Florida is taking a major step toward public understanding of the ocean with the new Water as Habitat themed video series. Water as Habitat will help students, educators and people of all ages develop a better understanding of how ocean and coastal systems work with the Water as Habitat Video Series. Each video features a marine scientist and their research.

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Lesson Plans for Educators

Resources for middle and high school educators to incorporate ocean science into their classrooms. Hands-on activities, lesson plans, and information on scientific resources.

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COSEE Florida Science Teachers
As Researchers (CSTAR)

These short education modules w/video presentations are produced by Pre-Service Teachers and describe their research experiences as part of the REPT program. Each video provides the educator with the Florida science education standards.

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Ocean Science Concept
Recordings (OSCRs)

Each year the Ocean 180 Video Challenge sponsored by the Florida Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (COSEE Florida), is designed to encourage ocean scientists to share their discoveries and excitement for research with teachers, students, and the public.

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COSEE Education Materials

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