What Is Broader Impacts?

COSEE Florida provides guidance and support services to inform and assist ocean, marine and coastal scientists who plan to submit proposals to the National Science Foundation or other Federal agencies.

Our tiered delivery model provides training products, workshops and clinics to help PIs prepare high quality proposals that effectively address NSF’s broader impact criterion. Although much of the guidance and support that we offer can be accomplished in group settings, one-on-one guidance is also available for individuals who wish to work closely with a member of our Broader Impacts coaching team.

Broader Impacts Context:
In October 2012, the National Science Foundation (NSF) released a new version of the Grant Proposal Guide (GPG) that updates the review elements and expectations underlying NSF’s two Merit Review Criteria. In this first major revision of the Criteria in 15 years, significant changes have been made to the guidance given to proposers, reviewers and program officers for evaluating how well proposals address the Broader Impacts criterion.

Broader Impacts Coaching Team:
The COSEE Florida coaching team provides individualized review and editorial advice for scientists developing federal proposals. Competitions for which help is available include disciplinary research solicitations, the Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) program, postdoctoral research fellowships, and a variety of cross-directorate solicitations.

Upcoming COSEE Florida BI 2.0 Activities:

  • Broader Impacts 2.0 Clinics provide training for scientists in identifying and assessing the broader impacts of scientific research and in preparing effective broader impacts descriptions for proposals. After a pilot test this summer, clinics will be offered to prior to upcoming NSF deadlines and target dates.
  • Strategies Underlying Outreach Success(SOS) workshops will train informal educators and outreach coordinators who wish to help early and mid-career scientists broaden the impact of their research through educational outreach activities. More information coming soon.

Broader Impacts 2.0 Resource Documents:

  • FAQ’s About Broader Impacts
  • Bioscience Opinion Article about Broader Impacts

For Access To These Services:

For more information about the program and access to our coaching team contact by Dr. Sue Cook at the Ocean Research and Conservation Association (ORCA).